İLKALEM, established in 1957 in İstanbul has been carrying on its activities with developing quality understanding as the leading company of industrial chemicals sector. Under the brand name of İLKESTER, İlkalem produces unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, gelcoats, pigment pastes, PVA based adhesives, varnishes, polyurethane parquet adhesives and polyester auxiliary materials.

İlkalem Tuzla Plant with total 3200 tons/month production capacity is the solution partner of companies taking place in construction, automotive, marine-boat, defense, energy and agriculture sectors. Polyester resins, epoxy vinylester resins, gelcoats, coloured gelcoats, pigment paste series, bonding pastes and PVA based adhesives are formulated in its own R&D Labs.

As of 2018, İlkalem started up its second plant in Sakarya Arifiye district and increased the total production capacity up to 5500 tons/month.

İLKALEM with advanced technology production and R&D activites, customer focused wide range of products and specialized team is operating with the scope of TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System has documented its quality in domestic and international markets with TSE, Lloyd’s and fire retardancy certificates.