Transparent Pigment Pastes

This group pigment pastes are used for producing buttons (textile), gift items, decoration materials, gren-housse type transparent FRP corrugated sheets. These pigment pastes can be mixed with each other successfully for obtaining the intermediate colors and İlkalem R&D applies heat and UV tests on these transparent pigment pastes. Recommended ratio per polyester is between 0.1% - 1%. None of the transparent pigment pastes in our production range contains phthalate. Solvent and monomer free transparent pigment pastes have shelf life around 8 – 10 years . For furhet details regarding intenational catalogue color trasparent pigment pastes and your requirements please contact.

İLK-1001 ILK-1001
İLK-1002 İLK-1002
İLK-1003 İLK-1003
İLK-2001 İLK-2001
İLK-2002 İLK-2002
İLK-2003 İLK-2003
İLK-3001 İLK-3001
İLK-3002 İLK-3002
İLK-3003 İLK-3003
İLK-3005 İLK-3005
İLK-3006 İLK-3006
İLK-3007 İLK-3007
İLK-3008 İLK-3008
İLK-3009 İLK-3009
İLK-3010 İLK-3010
İLK-4001 İLK-4001
İLK-4002 İLK-4002
İLK-4003 İLK-4003
İLK-5001 İLK-5001
İLK-5002 İLK-5002