High Performance Pigment Pastes

Owing to ther specific pigment powders, this Group of pigment pastes are highly resistant to heat and chemical (acidic, basic) mediums. With the UV additive in their structure they show extreme resistancy to ultraviolet rays. High performance pigment pastes are preffered in marine, automotive, water parks and similar sectors where high resistancy and visuality are essential. Heat, water, UV and chemical resistancy tests are applied to high performance pigment pastes by İlkalem R&D before shiptment to the end users. None of the high performace pigment pastes in our production range contains phthalate. Solvent and monomer-free high performance pigment pastes have shelf life around 8 – 10 years. For further details regarding international catalogue color high performance pigment pastes indicated, other colors and your requirements please contact.

İLK-510 Ultramarin mavi
İLK-532 Signal mavi
İLK-566 Yeşil mavi
İLK-548 Açık mavi
İLK-552 Kobalt mavi
İLK-563 Gök mavisi
İLK-553 Trafik mavi
İLK-509 Ada mavisi
İLK-536 Soluk Mavi
İLK-538 Pastel Mavi
İLK-530 Gece mavisi